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Haras Hotel Boutique

HARAS HOTEL an intimate and stylish, Boutique Hotel with the feeling of a private residence with a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere reflected in our suites which are tastefully decorated in an attractive mix of modern and classic styles.

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At Haras Hacienda, we pride ourselves on welcoming guests to our hotel and treating them like family. We provide a warm, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly service to create the memorable stay you deserve.

  • Gardens and Terraces
  • Sundeck
  • Main Plaza
  • Arena
  • Restaurant Patio
  • Mirror Roomz
  • Chapel
  • Media Room
  • Observation Room
  • Restaurant
  • Boutique Hotel
  • Brides House

Leisure and pleasure

Enjoy reading a book in our varied settings, from open terraces to cozy lounges or enjoy a walk with the view of our beautiful landscapes including a lake with a bridge crossing to a small island.